Why Diets Don't Work & How To Lose The Weight Anyway


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SO.  Everyone tells us diets don’t work.  We KNOW diets don’t work.  But no one ever tells us WHY they don’t work.

Here is the secret.  And it is important.  Because this is how you stop sabotaging yourself and lose the weight - forever...

STOP FOCUSING ON CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR...  and start caring way more about what is driving your behavior.  

Let’s rewind.

Step 1: Your thoughts create your feelings.
Step 2: Your feelings drive your actions.
Step 3: Your actions create your world.
Step 4: Your world is always a reflection of your thoughts.  

When you begin a new diet - you are starting on step THREE.  All diets are about trying to change your actions.  In order to ensure success we must begin with the end in mind -- at ground zero -- your belief system.  

Your belief system is a thought you think on repeat.  When you start to play enough thoughts over and over it becomes the beliefs that are embedded into your subconscious - which is where most of your behavior is driven from - especially your appetite.

How on earth are you supposed to turn away from the cookie, the 2nd dark chocolate candy bar, the 3rd glass of wine when your belief system is built on the thoughts of, I’m tired, starting tomorrow, I will never figure this out, god I’m fat, I hate the way I look, if only I was thinner I would be happier, things would be easier,  I would finally be free…

These are not the thoughts of thinner peace and this is why you cave on your diet.

To become free and thin forever, you must first fall in love with the human creature called YOU, make her feel cared for and please - talk nicely.  

Reflect on Love:

When you feel loved:
what thoughts are you thinking?

When you feel loved:
what does your behavior look like?

When you feel loved:
what foods do you choose?

When you feel loved:
how much food do you eat?

When you feel loved:
how do you move your body?

When you feel loved:
how do you care for yourself?

This is how you ditch the diets and lose weight forever.  You do it with Self-Love.  Because Love always chooses the right action.  Always.  And Love always leaves space for dark chocolate and wine.  



why diets don't work

PS - Lovie, remember this:  Your body does not house your soul.  Your soul envelops your body.  At any moment you can be enclosed in soul love.  

Go on a love diet.  The only rule is to ask, "does this feel like love".  If it does.  Go for it with your WHOLE heart.

Love YOU Forever.
XOXO  Sister Katherine

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