The Year of Magic


I hate New Year's Resolutions.  Just wanna dry heave my eyeball out at the thought of writing down another “goal”.  In the past, I always picked something that I would whip myself into shape for to beat myself into a better me.  It never worked.  Ever.  

Turns out I don’t perform well for a bully.  Even an internal one.

Fast forward several self love years later and here is how I roll.  I create a life with intention based upon how I want to FEEL.  Here’s why:

Your yearly resolution isn’t what you are really going for.  (promise - stick with me)  Behind every goal is a feeling - an essence that you want to experience.  This is what you are really after - not the job, the car, the body, the relationship. It is the meaning we assign and the FEELING behind these things that we really desire.

Which makes me want to party dance with the great news of NOW.  Now, I don’t have to go on a diet, forgo my cafe-oh-love-you-latte, in hopes of my spending and thighs shrinking into a 2017 size.  Because I know how to make myself feel good RIGHT NOW and don’t have to worry about arriving to a future place to be my saving grace.

But that doesn’t mean I get all loosey goosey with the entirety of my life.  Instead I’m creating a theme for my year based upon how I want to feel.  And this year I want to feel magical.  ON purpose.  For fun.  Because I like to feel that way.  The magical kind of way.  

The tactical application for a year of practical magic is to make a list of all things that make me feel magical and then go do them.  Everyday.  Until I feel the spark.

And it only takes a spark to set this Sister on fire.





Alright, Sister.  No diets for New Years

This is a guaranteed plan to make you gain weight and lose your mojo.  
Check out the science.  

SO, go for how you FEEL and not how you want your butt to look.  Okay?  ok.  Glad we had this talk.

Love YOU Forever
xoxo  Sister Katherine

Sharing is caring how you feel!

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