I Loved the Weight Right Off

How to lose weight without dieting

I threw everything out.

I got rid of my tv, trashy magazines, depressing music, processed foods, and marched my microwave out the front door with a sign that said FREE with (it really works) underneath.  

I started eating a diet filled with raw – plant based foods, meditating, journaling and going for lots of walks in nature.

I turned my life upside down and this was going to work – dammit.

I drank green juice, went to hot yoga and read every self help book I could get my hands on.  

Life was intense.  I now think of this time as heaven.

I hung out at the Buddhist temple, trained with healers, sat with psychics, and explored quantum physics.  

And joy began to bubble up.  Everyday.  E-v-e-r-y. Day.  Just from the sun shining.

Over my two year self-love fest I ended my affair with coffee, diet pills, alcohol, smoking, and old loser boyfriends.  

Energy suckers were gently escorted out the front door.  

I found myself no longer partaking in self loathing, insane binging, or my workaholic nature.

And I lost 50 pounds without effort.  No calorie counting, no sweat blood and tears left in the gym, no crazy white knuckle diet… I loved the weight right off of myself.  And you can do it too.

All I did was ask myself before I did anything – is this raising my vibration or lowering it?

Ask yourself this each time you go to do something.  Does this make me feel better?  Or, worse?  Does this awaken my soul?  Or numb out my senses.  

Self reflection can move mountains.  Or, at least mountains the size of your ass.



Know of a friend who needs a little body loving good juju?!  Cause the three of us are in it to win it.  xo

I loved the weight right off