How I lost 40 Pounds Without Dieting

How I lost 40 pounds without dieting

I lost 40 pounds and gained my sanity by caring about my vibration.  Sounds kinda wonky, right?  But it totally works – stick with me.

Everything is energy  And all energy moves in waves of vibration.

Not only does every thing vibrate – Every person vibrates at a certain speed – and it can be measured.

This is where it gets fun.

When we bring something into our experience it either elevates our vibration or lowers it.  It doesn’t matter if it is a thought, person, place or thing – there is no neutral.  All things move you up or down the vibrational scale of happy and hot – or not.

Which places you in the drivers seat – You are in control.  You are the one source of your happiness, or lack there of.  If you want to feel better, bring higher vibrating thoughts and things into your every day experience while saying sayonara to those that drain you.  

So long lack luster existence!

I was feeling kind of alotta crazy and out of control. My self defeating thoughts were played on repeat.

God I’m fat, who would want to be with me.
Better have a shining personality to make up for all my fatness.

 I’m going to die alone.  With dogs.  I don’t want to be the cat lady.  
I’m going to end up alone, fat, not be able to leave my house because my eating is so out of control.
I will be housebound and nobody will ever love me.  If I can’t leave my house I will lose my job.
I’m homeless, jobless, fat, unloveable, and without dogs… cause now I can’t afford em.

I was willing to try anything to to make the crazy stop. I just wanted to feel better – feel normal. In the act of trying to diet my way to feeling good about myself I added on an extra 25 pounds.  It was insanity.  So, I decided to try something different.  I read every self help, spiritual, nutrition book I could get my hands on.  And when I read Power vs. Force something clicked.

If I was going to feel better.  I had to raise my vibration.  And I could begin with all the things I consciously had control over.

Life was about to get good!


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Sister Katherine