Free Your Soul & Your Ass Will Follow


I lied.  
A big fat fucking lie.

If I could have been honest I would have.  Maybe.  
But I couldn’t, so I didn’t because...  no one calls in FAT.

I couldn’t speed dial my superior to say

“Hello Mr. Boss Dude -

My pants aren’t fitting today.
And I just can’t seem to find anything to wear that detracts from my ass, or my thighs, my face or my increasing size.  

I really need a mental health day… a.k.a. find a new pair of pants day.  So, please consider me out of the office, or I must lie and tell you I really am just feeling nauseous.

Instead -  I called in with chickenpox. As an adult.  It seemed like the perfect cover?! It was so outrageous no one would suspect AND I needed the time.  Two weekends and a work week to binge and recover and then reveal the new and better version of me.

I would eat everything I had ever wanted and then go on a major cleanse so that by the end of the week I would have been satiated, recovered, cleansed and a girl on the path to being skinny, and pretty and someone who had everything under control.  Because these types of girls.  They were loved.  And they were free.  And I so wanted to be loved and free to be me.

SPOILER ALERT:  I didn’t come out all sparkly and free from the non-pox.  Apparently building out the new inner me takes more than a weekend.  De-ern.

Flash forward ten years later.  I am forty pounds or more lighter at my natural weight.  Natural meaning I still eat a lot of chocolate, whiskey and bacon. (I’m a recovering vegan… so, make that a lot of extra bacon)   My kids think I’m pretty (when I wear lipstick).  And with three young children I’ve given up ever having anything under control.

So, HERE IS HOW IT REALLY WENT DOWN:  I didn’t lose weight and then find the freedom and love I had always been dreaming of. The love and liberation I was forever seeking were there all along. I was just looking outward for validation, instead of turning inward. The freedom to be me was there for the taking. And the love. Well, once I freed the real me. Falling in love with her turned out to be… easy.

If you wanna know the secret to long lasting weight loss and love that never ends - It works just the opposite of what every diet guru wants you to believe. It all comes down to this:

Free your soul and your ass will follow.


Rebel Sister,
do you know someone who needs to free their soul?! Please share.  
We are all in this together.  And who doesn't need to be reminded that they are a shrine?!  ;)


Free Your Soul