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Why We Need You To Be YOU

We are a three part being.
Body.   Mind.  And Spirit. 
When you strengthen each part you expand the whole. 
Yet, we are taught that we aren’t our body.


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Does Your Ego Like To Spank Itself?

e got a few soundtracks that run around in my head.  Thankfully they usually sound a little like Gwen, Pitbull and Meg.  Cause who doesn’t want a B-A-N-A-N-A-S, Fireball, That’s All About The Bass. 

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You and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Diet Kinda Day

There are clear cut reasons why things might have gone a little wonky with your relationship to your body and food but all of them are fixable and none of them are about the goodness of all things you. And there is a ton of science to prove it.

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10 self care hacks that don’t suck

Most self help advice makes me want to eye roll myself into vertigo.  It is all the same and definitely not meant for busy mamas. SO let’s get real.  Here are the ones that make the biggest difference to my life that don’t require any extra time in my over taxed day.

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Why Diets Don't Work & How To Lose The Weight Anyway

Paleo Pushover, Need A Cleanse Do Over, Whole30 Master of None.

Welcome My:
Low Carb White Knuckler, Diet Shake Guzzler, Ate All Your Points By 9.

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The Art of Pleasure

Before you can learn of love you must begin with pleasure.

Pleasure is the
 gateway to your power, the bridge to your soul and the initiation rites into self love as a woman.  

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Free Your Soul & Your Ass Will Follow

I lied.  
A big fat fucking lie.
If I could have been honest I would have.  Maybe.  

But I couldn’t, so I didn’t because...  no one calls in FAT.  
I couldn’t speed dial my superior to say


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10 Ways to Turn Yourself On

It’s rich. It’s bold.  A touch of class, wrapped in gold.  Or the down and dirty give it to me now type: I like them both.  In my man, my chocolate and my scotch.

Music with a beat.  Music that makes me move.  Music that starts with some heat and finishes in a groove.


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Secrets to a Crazy Awesome, Consistently Normal Marriage

We met online in a lusty love affair.  He flew out to meet me in November.  I came to the tundra in December.  We had an adventure in the City in January and by February we were living together.  Fast?  Yeah, I like it that way.  

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