REMIX: Baby Got Back - In Celebration of Big Butts and Flat Butts

In Celebration of Big Butts AND Flat Butts

SO. I’ve always had an obsession with my ass. It is bigger than most so instead of trying to change it – I just went with it. Which is kinda boring until you start hearing your daughter talking about the size of your shape to her friends.

Roar: My mom really loves her chubby butt… isn’t that weird? 
Friends: What?!? Yeah!!! What a weirdo!!! 
<Chorus of giggles>

Roar: But, I kinda wish I had a chubby butt like hers. I think I got my dad’s…
Friends: <blank stare>

So in the celebration of big butts AND flat butts the everyday jingle around this suburban shizzle is:

…I like ALL butts and I cannot lie, 
there is no perfect size
Cause when you know how to wiggle your god given jiggle
With a smile upon your face
you have WON, dancing in the buff
Grovin your moves you one hot stuff

...I'm wigglin and I can't stop jigglin
...I'm wigglin and I can't stop jigglin

Can you imagine the eye roll I'm gonna get when they are teenagers??
AND the stories they will have for their therapists???
OMG I can't wait.

topKat Thorp