How To Step Into Your Power. (& Why Willpower Is The Suckiest Way)

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Most people in the weight loss world are wrongo about the combo
And preach the same old eat less and exercise status quo
But from a previously plus sized gal who let 50 pounds go
I’ll teach you how to write your OWN personal weight loss manifesto.

I used to scour the interwebs and magazines looking for inspiration to fuel my motivation to make sure I could white knuckle my willpower to stick to my diet, kill it at the gym and arrive to the future me I wanted to be.  It never worked.  My heart was in the right place but I too was wrongo about the combo.

Losing weight is not about eating less, exercising more and using your WILLPOWER to stick to the plan.  But it is ALL about your mindset and how to cultivate the mind of a woman that knows where her power lies and how to wield it in the direction she wants to move.

How to Step Into Your Power

We’ve talked a lot about pleasure.  But let’s discuss how you step into your power and where you begin in the creative process.   

1)      Your thoughts create your feelings.
2)      Your feelings drive your behavior.
3)      Your behavior shapes your world.
4)      Your world is ALWAYS a reflection of your thoughts.

Every diet guru teaches you all about how to take the right actions in order to get the right results.  But we are missing the first two steps of the entire process!  (and where the secret sauce to your weight loss really is).  So let’s back our way into this beginning with step four.

STEP FOUR:  Your Reality Is a Reflection of Your Thoughts

This is not where your power is.

When most people experience something they don’t like they argue with reality and push against what is. 

Dear Lord, I hate my body.  I HATE how heavy I am.  I really wish I wasn’t fat.  Puh-lease I’ll do anything to not look like this anymore.  I just want be thin and skinny and pretty (aka worthy) RIGHT NOW.

But when you argue with reality you lose.  Every.single.damn.time.

This is how most of us end up bargaining our way into step three.  I will do anything.  Eat anything.  Exercise like a beast and behave exactly as I’m told just to stop living my reality and create the dream of where I want to be.


STEP THREE: Your Behavior Is a Symptom of Your Feelings

This is not where your power is, either.

Magazines and gym memes market motivation to change our behavior through willpower in order to push past what we hate by defeating the reality of what is.  

If I can just make myself do ABC (step 3) then the rest of my life will look like XYZ (step 4) and I will muster up all of my strength and determination into white gripping my willpower.

When you ditch motivation and willpower and start becoming the observer of the way that you FEEL this is the first step into your power.

STEP TWO:  Feelings Are the Gateway to Your Power

“Have dominion over your awareness and you will have dominion over your destiny”

-          -Michael Beckwith

 Now, most of us when we first start to notice how we feel do three things:

1)      Numb – I don’t like how I feel so I’m going to numb out. 

2)      Blame – Someone else made me feel this way.

3)      Shame – Something is wrong with me for feeling this way.

You move into the dominion of your destiny when you become the observer of how you feel, and begin to notice the thoughts and belief patterns that are generating these feelings instead of judging them. 

STEP ONE:  Your power is choosing the thoughts you call true.

You get to decide…

Do these thoughts create feelings that feel good?
Are these thoughts and feelings a reflection of who I want to be?


You create your entire world by asking these two questions on repeat, observing your response to your answer and becoming responsible for your continuous feel good feedback loop.   

Here are mine:

Sister Kat, Who do you want to be:  A potent human being with the best biology possible so every cell in my body knows how to breathe the fire of my soul

Sister Kat, how do you want to feel:  like an ever loving rock star

With thoughts like these I’m on a continual diet of body rocking, soul shaking, and love making.  Not an ounce of willpower.  All inspiration because I have trained my mind to listen to language of my soul through how my body is feeling.

Hey, Darlin!  If you know a sister that needs to the ins and outs of how to claim her power, especially with HER BODY!  Pass this her way.  The Universe rewards sharing.  ;)

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Sister Katherine