10 Things You Should Know About The Goodness Of Your Body

Pleasure As a Spiritual Practice

1.    You are alive.  You have a body.  Therefore it is a good body.


2.    Your only guarantee in life is:  a)  Your good body.  b) This moment.  Rock them both out.


3.   Seeking pleasure is a spiritual act.  It brings delight to your senses and drives you deeper into this moment honoring the only two things you were given.  Commune with pleasure until you hallelujah away. 


4.    Your body is your spirit animal.  It is a living breathing hot and holy altar for the divine.   When you care for how you feel you are engaging with the Cosmic Soul through the animal you were given.


5.    Your body knows the answer to everything. EVERYTHING.  What to eat, what job to take, who to marry, how to run the hell away.  Move toward what feels warm, fuzzy, and free and you are on the path to becoming everything you were made to be.


6.    Your body has a brain that thinks thoughts.  You are not these thoughts.  Learning to question your thoughts is the fastest way to taming crazy.  We all have a little crazy - it’s just nice to know how to put Crazy B back in the box.


7.    Your biology cannot fight the best chemists and psychologists in the world.  Opt out.  Don’t eat crap.  It snuffs out your connection to the seat of your power.  (your good body and this great moment)


8.    You are a soul with a body.  Not a body with a soul.  Which means your Soul chose this body to experience your amazing version of the ever inspiring Universe.  Give that Soul Sister and Brother a high five.  They have chosen wisely.


9.    Your body is an entire Universe all within itself and through this moment you become the creator of your experience.  Move into this moment to become one with the Universe and declare it good.


10.  Your body is your loving servant.  Direct your senses to find peace, seek love, delight in pleasure and she will return to you the magic found in the everyday wonder of right now.



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Pleasure As a Spiritual Act