10 self care hacks that don’t suck

10 self care hacks that don't require time

Most self help advice makes me want to eye roll myself into vertigo.  It is all the same and definitely not meant for busy mamas. SO let’s get real.  If you don’t have four hours a day for meditating and juicing and journaling and affirming and yoga-ing or whatever else floats your boat you can still be a Soulified Sensual Love Unicorn -- it just takes a little creativity.  Here are the ones that make the biggest difference to my life that don’t require any extra time in my over taxed day.

  1. Q’s that lead to life changing A’s.  Affirmations are for beginners. I want you to learn how to ask powerful questions that put your mind to work on building out life changing answers.  So, every morning ask yourself:  How do I want to feel?  What will make me feel this way?  How can I feel better?  What am I crazy excited about right now?   What makes me feel like a rockstar?


  2. Dress As If.  Wear clothes that make you feel how you want to feel (not necessarily what you are feeling in the moment).  This takes no extra effort.  Everyone has to put on clothes.  Well most of us.  My four year old doesn’t believe in pants.

    I used to put on clothes that matched how I felt in the moment - which was usually tired, frumpy, the not ready for adulting kinda feeling which led to a lot of yoga pants.  NOW.  My clothes are based on my core desired feelings.

    If the suit makes the man -- leather and lipstick makes this woman.


  3. Soul Soundtracks!  Remember when we used to create a tape of songs for our boyfriends so they would just feel all the feelings and realize they were madly in love with us, couldn’t live without us and life will never be the same again?!  Yeah.  Or, when we got together as a volleyball team to create the very best ever warm up playlist for our games to ramp us up and rock us out?  We killed it.

    You need your daily soul revival sound track! Thank god for modern music technology.  It is SO easy to create a playlist to elicit the feelings you want to feel.  And since I know that my feelings drive my behavior -- most days I go for girl power.  

    Every morning in my mom car I’m transported into a rockstar badass who jams out in the elevator to strut her soulified self down the skyways to go win in the world of business-ing.  (sideway glances are definitely involved.)


  4. Meditate in the car.  (parked of course)  I used to have the most luxurious spiritual habits in the morning before kids.  Now.  Meditating in the morning at home is darn near impossible.  I swear they all have a secret spidey sense that alerts them to the moment I’m awake.  Regardless of the hour or if my head even leaves the bed -  the moment I open my eyes they wake up.  

    SO.  Instead.  I zen out in my car.  I pull into the parking garage.  Put on my relaxing music or guided meditation, close my eyes and build out my inner empire.  

    Miss your morning meditation.  No worries.  Book a conference room and do it over lunch.

  5. Deep Breathing.  Most of us are shallow breathers or breath holders.  When was the last time you had some good old deep breathing or took one deep breath?  Breathing is always a good idea.  … and a really easy way to feel better right now.  

    Use a trigger throughout the day (or your phone) to send you a reminder to breathe.  Do you have a few good breathing exercises?  Google pranayama breathing.  Or, if anything yawn three times.  It is the fastest way to relax your nervous system.

  6. Desire Creates. Desire is the most creative force in the universe.  Follow your desire and you will find your passion and bring your dreams to life.  But in our modern ADD world it is hard to stay focused on what we really want.  So build desire reminders into your day.

    Place your core desired feelings written out in a place that you can see them - your car dashboard, on the fridge, next to the bed.  Anywhere that reminds you what your day is really about.  


  7. Password Makeovers.  Here is where affirmations are awesome and get built into your subconscious.  How many times a day do you login to something that requires a password?  Take one of your core desired feelings and turn it into a password.  Now, every time you login to your app or computer you are bringing your attention to how you want to feel and affirming it as you type.  R0ckSt4r!


  8. Cultivate Clarity.  I have the attention span of a gnat and love all things bright and shiny.  Maintaining focus for me takes a serious commitment to getting really clear on how I want to feel, what I want to create and not letting anything else in that doesn’t match up.

    To remain a sensual soul remove as much input as possible from your life.  Especially anything that does not make you FEEL GOOD.   Take a look at the magazines you read, the shows you watch the people you hang out with and the social media you are scrolling.  Does it make you feel good?  If not.  Give it the boot.   Create space in your day by removing input and you will be amazed on the clarity you start to receive.


  9. Make your bed.  I rolled my eyes at Oprah.  She was chatting about how “I just couldn’t ever imagine getting into a bed that wasn’t made.  The energy of an unmade bed.  I couldn't even....”

    WHAT.EVER. I wanted to slap her.  Clearly she doesn’t have young children.  BUT.  When I started making my bed it was a morning game changer.  

    Throwing my duvet over my bed does not take any time.  But the feelings it elicits - I had no idea something so small could create such a change in the way that I feel every time I walk past our room.  I haven’t missed a day in the last few months.  Try it.


  10. Touch stones.    Sometimes I need just one moment of sanity to center me and bring me back to the present before I yell at my kids for yelling.  I place little things throughout the house that delight my senses - for they are the fastest way back to my body and living in the moment.  The more I’m present in the moment.  The more space I have in between the kids hitting each other and my reaction.

    So, I do things like fresh flowers in the kitchen, aromatherapy tucked in little places to get a waft of relaxing smell, classical music always playing in the back room so as I walk by my nervous system has one moment of peace.  Little touchstones throughout the house relax me without effort as I move about my day.  



I'm always looking for new ways to add more sensuality and soul to my day.  What do you do that doesn't require much effort?  Cause serious effort in our house is only limited to once a year on my annual girls trip.  ;)

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self care hacks that don't take time