The Art of Pleasure


Sister Kat,
I’m glad it was easy for you to love yourself.  Teach me.  XX

Dearest Sunshine,  

Before you can learn of love you must begin with pleasure.  Pleasure is the gateway to your power, the bridge to your soul and the initiation rites into self love as a woman.  

There is a voice in you that is fierce, beautiful and always kind.  A force that awakens magic and aligns the stars to bring the world to it’s knees for the beauty that is you.  An energy that speaks of desire, knows of passion and guides you into the rapture of the everyday experience with the love of your life - YOU.  But before you can hear this guidance, and experience Her Love, you must begin courting Sister Loud Sunshine with the art of pleasure.

You are built for pleasure, my Love.  A man might make it into your bed but never into your heart without bringing you pleasure. Falling madly, truly in love follows the pleasure of his courtship.  Give yourself the same honor.  To become radiant from within everything is dependent upon your ability to bring excitement to your senses and attention to your soul.  

I know that I am well loved because I am well cared for.  I feel well cared for because I continually sing the seduction song of my soul.  

She likes books and trees,
dirty words and going panty free.

To find your seduction song become a purveyor of all things that make you feel wild, alive, free, seeped in sensuality and fully seen.  Indulge in them.  Become the creator of these feelings.  And take your time.  

To all of my Sister’s who are feeling a little stuck on this overly talked about, yet underutilized path of self love, I give you the same assignment.  Take yourself on a pleasure date.  Find a way to stimulate everyone one of your senses.  Dress yourself up. Rub yourself down.  Immerse yourself in your essential wildness until you call out the Divine.  

And then.  Watch Her come alive.





Radiant Sister,

please tell me in the comments below about your courtship with pleasure.  We Sisters are way more powerful when we are turned on.  

XOXO  Sister Kat

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