She is Rising


I have heard your calling.  But I was too afraid to listen.
The lull of your music.  Beating from the womb of Love.
Her voice, your voice, too timid to use my voice

Ancient wounds of condemnation.
Internal bleeding from self flagellation.
I was afraid to turn and face.  
My soul aching for your Grace. 

Her voice is rising.  
Her Voice.  Your Voice.  My Voice.


Light seeps in through whispers between the cracks
Exhales of releasing pasts
from beyond the body that does not last

She is rising.

Open your arms to move with the tide.
Peaking with pleasure in the great divide
Thrusting love forth to do Her work


Ferocious she stands calling into the fire
Demanding the work to bring you higher

She ravishes all that must not remain.
Promising the pain is not in vain.

Bare for all to see.
The light that shines
was always there, always me

The intimacy of where we merged remains
A vigil, for the life lost in flames
It is over, it is done.
My life begins now, we are One




Sister, do you hear her call too?  I would love to hear how the Divine speaks to you.  Tell me in the comments below.  And if you liked this, please share.  Together, we are rising.  
XOXO  Sister Katherine