Reduce Friction. Use Lube.


It’s really about the gratitude.  

It doesn’t matter what your life looks like.  What situation you are currently experiencing.  What level of hell or heaven you are living in.  The fastest way to ease the pain and reduce the friction. Gratitude.  The fastest way to increase the speed, rock your socks off with an OH MY GOD... 

Gratitude.  The lube for life.

Here is how it works:  The mind is a nimble creature which thankfully struggles to focus on more than one thing at once.  (multitasking is a myth)  When you direct your mind to find something you are grateful for it can’t hold resistance and appreciation at the same time.  So...

With a little intention,
to look past the friction,
you can adjust into a new position.

Remember to shift your mind, shift a knee...
a little wiggle room will set you free.

Now, the mind might be nimble but it also has a lazy heart that looks for facts to support what it already believes to be true. Because you already found gratitude once, you created a path in the brain, which was reinforced with dopamine (feel good hormone), making it easier for the mind to recall.  So, with a little practice in the beginning this lazy daisy will continue the path of least resistance reinforcing your new found feeling of gratitude with additional facts - creating a consistent feel good feedback loop.

A little appreciation  = Doped up nation

Here is the best part.  Gratitude activates the part of your brain that is in charge of all the necessary bodily functions including sleep, stress and drumroll please….your metabolism!  GRATITUDE MAKES YOU SKINNY!  (you know I’d bring it back to being skinny, right?!)

Skinny girl mantra:

Appreciate to lose the weight.  
Appreciate to lose the weight.  

Here is your feel good, lose weight, get it on with the Universe, lube up for life prescription:

Find 5 new things you are grateful for everyday.  

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this tool.  
It will change your life.





Share Your Cares Away:


True Love in a long term marriage
  1. My once a week coffee:  a hug in a cup that puts a pep in your step and your ass in the can.
  2. I took a shower:  Somehow with three young children bathing became optional...   
  3. Lack of bathing has made my hair shiny and my skin dewy (uh...greasy?!).  
    See how I went for a win win there?  I win when I bathe… I win when I don’t!  DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE.

  4. This week had a Monday.  Which means I go into the office.  Where I can pee alone.  Or, at least in a stall.
  5. Papi committed love vandalism.  I swoon..  


 Sister, My Sister.  Comment or write and tell me about your gratitude.  Are you a dirty birdy, lazy heart like me?!?! (somebody say yes so I don't feel so gross and alone).  Either way.  I wanna know how gratitude has changed your life!  
xx Sister Katherine


Pleasure, topSister Katherine