My Official Match Profile: Sweet & Sassy


You know what happens when you have a lot of self doubt and no self worth?

You date some real duds.  And sometime those dudes aren’t really duds.  They are landmines that start to scare the be-jezuz out of you.  SO, when I started becoming really concerned about the quality of men I was attracting, from an - I might not make it out of this alive -  type of concern, I took a few years off from dating and worked on me.  

The upside was - you know.  LIFE.  The downside was less sex.  But I might come out of it a happier, healthier person.. And ALIVE.  So, I took a leap of abstinence.

And you want to know what happened when I braved the dating world again?!??  I hit the motherload on my second date from Match.  

So, to all the lovely singletons that are looking for the person of their dreams.  This is how it goes.

Step 1:  Fall in love with YOU
Step 2:  Put yourself out there
Step 3:  Let the Universe work its magic



Official Profile


I am a multifaceted, playful, bookworm that thrives on laughing, loving, and learning. I am gregarious, insightful, whimsical, and genuinely adore people. I believe the intimacy found in relationships is the treasure of life and I’m looking for someone who finds passion in each day regardless of circumstances. I love without judgment, give without expectation, and believe that beauty is found in simplicity.

I’m an equal opportunity dater looking for an honest man that leads an authentic life. Ideal outcome is the synergy created when beings of light parallel their paths.

Feel free to wink, write, or propose a meeting… but know that I’m in the process of selling my house to move to Colorado. However, I do believe that the world is small and all chance encounters are perfectly planned.



PS - I never made it back to Colorado  ;)

PPS - My magic was the Match algorithm that still blows my mind. I clicked on random dude and winked.  Algorithm said if you like random dude you'll like Jay.  So, I winked at him too... and the rest is our crazy awesome, consistently normal marriage.

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