If You Need A Light At The End Of Your Health Journey Tunnel

I know, I know I talk a lot about my booty and what a weirdo I am with food but sometimes I think I forget to tell you a few of the MIRACLES that happened outside of the size of my ass – how food has saved my life, healed my children and continues to support my fab five into becoming better than we were before.

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REMIX: Baby Got Back - In Celebration of Big Butts and Flat Butts

SO. I’ve always had an obsession with my ass. It is bigger than most so instead of trying to change it – I just went with it. Which is kinda boring until you start hearing your daughter talking about the size of your shape to her friends....

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Kat Thorp
How To Step Into Your Power. (& Why Willpower Is The Suckiest Way)

Most people in the weight loss world are wrongo about the combo
And preach the same old eat less and exercise status quo
But Darlin, from a previously plus sized gal who learned how to let 50 pounds go
I’ll teach you how to write your OWN personal weight loss manifesto.

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Sister Katherine
Weightloss Doesn't Begin In The Gym

Imagine MEAN GIRL me on my first day back in the gym in a decade, fronting like I’m in beast mode doing high intensity sprints like a cheetah with a rhino ass.  FEAR?  WHAT FEAR?  I AM A GODDESS, NINJA.  WATCH ME ROAR MY WAY INTO A WHOLE NEW ME.  Cause – Who’s the boss?  I’M THE BOSS.  THAT’S RIGHT.  THE LADY BOSS. 

Um no.  That is how I broke my foot.  Which is a story for a different treadmill day.

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Sister KatherineComment
You and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Diet Kinda Day

There are clear cut reasons why things might have gone a little wonky with your relationship to your body and food but all of them are fixable and none of them are about the goodness of all things you. And there is a ton of science to prove it.

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Sister KatherineComment
I Am The Warrioress

This dream I have of you.  Of us.  It is coming.  I can feel the rolling thunder of the coming year…  For this is the year of the silence breakers, the rule changers, the soul shakers and the world changers.

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Sister KatherineComment
You Have Permission To Opt Out

When I moved to Nashville the stirrings of my spiritual longing had begun.  So, I went with what I knew.  Church.  And after the captivating song and dance came the offering plate where I plopped down a mighty check as gratitude for my signing bonus and new move.  And then the sermon began and my mouth dropped open in horror

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10 Things You Should Know About The Goodness Of Your Body

#1 - You are alive.  You have a body.  Therefore it is a good body.

#2 - Your only guarantee in life is:  a)  Your good body.  b) This moment.  Rock them both out.

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What Your Dreams Want You To Know

It was online love at first site.  Big, bold, gorgeous and everything my witchy heart could ever want

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10 self care hacks that don’t suck

Most self help advice makes me want to eye roll myself into vertigo.  It is all the same and definitely not meant for busy mamas. SO let’s get real.  Here are the ones that make the biggest difference to my life that don’t require any extra time in my over taxed day.

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Hallelujah! I See The Light!

Cherish them elicits an internal boomerang of a polite smile with fuck you eyes.  Yes, of course I cherish my children.  They are laced into the DNA of my everything.  And yes, of course I know (I know) I will miss these times.  But my everything is about ready to bottom out if someone doesn’t... 

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A Tale of Two Stories: & How I Almost Went To Jail

I called him and asked him to meet me at our spot.  For months I had been dreading this conversation.  The deep, dark, down twisty maybe it would be easier if I was dead kinda talk.  

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The Year of Magic

I hate New Year's Resolutions.  Just wanna dry heave my eyeball out at the thought of writing down another “goal”.  In the past, I always picked something that I would whip myself into shape for to beat myself into a better me.  It never worked.  Ever.  

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What Are You For?

There is a subtle but potent shift in this question that directs you into the seat of your power and opens you up to the heart of another.


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SpiritSister Katherine
The One Thing I Want My Kids To Know

You are still my kittens and fixing the hurt and holding your pain is done wrapped in my arms with whispers of dreams and stars. But I’m already thinking about how to prepare you for the days when the world does not see all of your perfection and the hurt is greater than you are willing to share and your pain is screamed in silence.  

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Why Diets Don't Work & How To Lose The Weight Anyway

Paleo Pushover, Need A Cleanse Do Over, Whole30 Master of None.

Welcome My:
Low Carb White Knuckler, Diet Shake Guzzler, Ate All Your Points By 9.

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My Official Match Profile: Sweet & Sassy

You know what happens when you have a lot of self doubt and no self worth?

You date some real duds.  And sometime those duds aren’t really duds.  The are landmines that start to scare the be-jezuz out of you.

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Reduce Friction. Use Lube.

It's really all about the gratitude.  The fastest way to ease the pain and reduce the friction. Gratitude.  The fastest way to increase the speed, rock your socks off with an OH MY GOD...  

Gratitude.  The lube for life.  

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Pleasure, topSister Katherine